What Are The Ways To Take CBD Oils?

Ever since cannabis has walked out of the dark and made it to the list of beneficial products, research has not held back. The Farm Bill Act 2018 raised many restrictions from the farming and use of CBD, which has leveraged researchers to expand their studies and prove CBD as a surefire treatment for many diseases.

CBD, the non-psychoactive sibling of THC, is extracted from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant that falls under the plant species, Cannabis sativa. The most commonly used form of CBD is CBD oils which are not the same as hemp seed extract or hemp oil. There are various compositions of products that account for CBD oil.

What are CBD oils?

CBD oils are the processed form that can be used in your products. It has THC levels low than 0.3%. According to its composition – full-spectrum, isolate – dosage and usage may vary. Many other cannabinoids work as adjuvants, with CBD as the leading player. This can enhance the efficacy of the product.

What can CBD oils be used for?

Touching almost every medical field, CBD oils can be widely used for several clinical conditions. Scientists determine CBD oils’ relevance in every area, from being used as a promising skincare product to ancillary treatments for progressive diseases.

  • Anxiety and depression: Like its cousin THC, CBD also acts as a mood-booster and has soothing abilities obviously without the high. This makes CBD a reliable anti-depressant with minimal side effects without having to lose hours without count.
  • Cancer: Although there’s still a lot of gray areas, a few studies have shown the beneficial effects of CBD on controlling tumors. The anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving mechanism often help target cancer symptoms.
  • Chronic Pain:  CBD acts as mediators for pain simulation. For patients with chronic pain due to arthritis, migraines, cancers, CBD can seriously relieve it.
  • Acne and skincare: The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with other ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid can work wonders for your skin.

The different ways to use CBD oils

There has been a constant debate about which administration route is most effective for CBD oils. Although there are a few scientific aspects to consider, it majorly depends on the consumer’s convenience. This is because CBD does not induce a similar response in each individual. There are a lot of variables still to be determined. The most popular of these include:


Doctors recommend taking CBD oils sublingually and they have their reasons. The capillary system under the tongue is an immediate absorption site for such oral medications, especially fluids. Taking the recommended dosage with a dropper, pour the CBD oil under your tongue for 30-45 seconds. Spread the rest around your cheek walls using your tongue.

This is because CBD has higher bioavailability than oral consumption. The mucous membrane under our tongue allows CBD oils to fuse into the blood system rapidly. However, this may not be the same for all. 


Gummies add a fun twist to using CBD oils orally. As a beginner to CBD products, gummies seem to be on the top. Although it is not the most effective method, it is way more convenient when consuming measured doses and more discreet.


The traditional way of taking any medication – pack it in soft gels or capsules. This is the most sophisticated way of consuming CBD oil. This is similar to gummies, but the only difference is that gummies have to be digested, whereas these do not so that they can be relatively more effective. But then again, oral intake requires it to travel the digestive tract to be reabsorbed in the bloodstream.


Fluids reach your bloodstream way quicker than edibles. Whether you infuse it in your smoothies, juices, or coffee, it is a convenient mode. So now, you can enjoy your favorite drink with the health benefits of CBD oil.

When it comes to drinks, alcohol is a given. Yes, you can use CBD in such beverages. However, traveling with CBD-infused drinks may still have problems. The laws state a specific limit of alcohol that you can carry. Be mindful of that.

Topical balms and lotions

CBD infused products as balms and lotions reign the skincare industry. From serums to creams and masks, you can use CBD oil in everything. Moreover, now with homemade remedies and face masks, adding CBD oils is all the more convenient.

Not only this, but balms and salves work efficiently for patients with arthritis and chronic pain joints. Massages with CBD oil not only relax joint tension but soothes the pain as well. Such a method can be effective for localized pain.

Baked treats

We all know how popular these have been even before CBD oils had their benefits. Cookies, tarts, cakes, and brownies baked with CBD oils are a sweet way of taking your daily dose. Just make sure the baking process does not require a lot of heat.

On a diet? Drop the sweets and add CBD oils as salad dressings. You can even add it to your favorite sandwich fillings or your detox water. With such dishes, the sky is the limit.

When consuming orally, it is advised that you take CBD oils with other nutrients. This increases the absorption of CBD oil into your bloodstream as the body is already in the process. The absorption of CBD oil is a lot like vitamins and minerals, facilitated by major nutrients. This is basically because the body isn’t hungry for other nutrients.

This brings us to a frequently asked question. Can CBD oils be inhaled via vaping? Well, it is not entirely detrimental, but it can cause a few respiratory hindrances. Also, it is not a doctor’s recommendation.

When taking your CBD oils, dosage matters a lot. Moreover, the same dosage may not be effective for all individuals. You can start your daily dose prescribed on the product and start increasing from there until you feel effective. Otherwise, there’s no harm in visiting your doctor, especially if you’re also taking other medications.

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