Best Cannabis Tinctures – Top Rated CBD Tinctures 2021

Powerful, potent and arguably better than synthetic pharma drugs, Cannabis tinctures are finding their way into many medicine cabinets. Often derived from hemp, Cannabis contains cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), along with their precursors THCA and CBDA along with terpenes. The therapeutic effects of CBD are pronounced when combined due to the ‘entourage effect’.

The best cannabis tinctures are typically alcohol extractions of the whole cannabis plants (mainly the leaves and flowers). They are frequently packed in glass dropper bottles and produced by steeping cannabis extract or isolate in high-proof alcohol. A low heat is applied to burn off the alcohol and infuse the active ingredients into the liquid. The resultant concoction is a potent concentrate that delivers the effects in a few simple drops.

CBD tinctures are available as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolates. Cannabis tinctures usually contain CBD, THC or a mix of the two in varying ratios apart from other cannabinoids and chemical compounds. These chemicals have been used for their anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties. Cannabis tinctures interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body that help in motor control, memory processing and pain regulation.

Tinctures allow specific dosing and a cleaner and safer option than smoking or vaping cannabis. The most effective way is sublingual consumption, with the effects being felt within half an hour and lasting up to 3 hours. However, if swallowed, you can expect to feel the effect within 2 hours and last for 5-6 hours.

Tinctures can also be consumed orally or added to foods and drinks, or beverages. They mix easily with many edibles hence can be conveniently infused in desserts, cold and hot drinks, bakery goods, salads, shakes and incorporated into a variety of recipes. Cannabis tinctures are used as a food supplement as proper guidelines or serving dosages have not been established by the FDA.

Cannabis Tinctures 2021

Some considerations when choosing CBD tincture include

  • The percentage of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes,
  • Quality of raw material,
  • Safety- free from pesticides, heavy metals and microbes,
  • Product potency and transparency
  • Accredited by an ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory.
  • Customer reviews, and of course
  • Price & flavours

The dosage is usually calculated according to the severity of the symptoms, body weight and an individual’s response to CBD. CBD dosage calculators are available online; however, it is best to consult a health practitioner with a know-how of cannabis and its products.

Let’s take a look at the top rated Cannabis Tinctures 2021

  1. 40:1 Care by Design: A very-rich CBD product with an impressive 32mg and less than 1mg THC per serving. This tincture is especially popular amongst people wanting to quit nicotine or other substance abuse. The tincture contains MCT oil, which is great for appetite control and weight loss. Considered as one of the Best Cannabis Tinctures California, 18:1 tincture is powerful and potent for mind and body wellness and perfect for soothing stress and reducing anxiety.
  2. Wonder CBD Tincture25:1: This is a professionally crafted liquid Cannabis extract is relaxing, and great for pain relief, anxiety and spasms. Full-spectrum Cannabis Oil tincture, best taken orally or sublingually has high CBD content. 600mg Insomnia CBD tincture contains melatonin along with CBD as a great relaxant and appetite enhancer. Wonder4DogsDaily 300mg CBD Supplement, an ideal nutritional and wellness supplement for your pet.
  3. Rosette Cannabis Tincture: This brand produces award winning CBD rich best cannabis tinctures with high therapeutic effectiveness. Core tinctures are available in 20:1, 3:1 and 1:1 CBD: THC ratio, with only two ingredients full-spectrum cannabis and MCT oil. Blended Cannabis tinctures for wellness, balance and REM contain a mix of CBDA&THCA, and CBD&THC, and terpene content. Acid Tinctures are ono-intoxicating with high terpene and antioxidant content.
  4. RE Botanicals Hemp CBD Tincture Full Spectrum: RE Botanicals is a USDA certified organic brand. CBD tinctures are full-spectrum with 15mg, 25mg, and 50mg per serving. All their products are non-GMO, free of impurities and artificial preservatives. Made up of coconut oil and hemp extract, it is available in peppermint flavor too.
  5. Cosmic View- 3:1 CBD Restore Tincture: This CBD-rich 3:1 tincture is available in 5ml and 30 ml bottles. This tincture helps regulate serotonin levels, which in turn helps with mood swings, anxiety and appetite. It can help you slow down, focus and think giving a sense of peace and tranquility. Cosmic View makes tinctures with sustainably grown cannabis and uses 100% pure holistic ingredients. Being a women owned brand, its 5:1 Inner Balance Women’s Health Drops is popular.
  6. Awakened-3:1 CBDA Rich Tincture: This CBDA: THCA 3:1 tincture from Awakened has incredible benefits. Its anti-inflammatory properties are more potent than CBD, and this makes it a fantastic elixir for osteoarthritis, for post workouts, and chronic joint and muscle pains. This tincture is made in olive oil, also helps fight nausea and anxiety by regulating the serotonin receptors.
  7. Yummi Karma- THC Mood Magic Tincture: This tincture is infused with a high 1000mg of broad-spectrum THC. It can help with menstrual pain, alleviate mood, relieves symptoms of menopause and also increase libido. It has many fruity ingredients that give it an enjoyable exotic flavour. Packed with antioxidants, it can improve cognitive function, but it can make you euphoric and stoned. Consult a doctor before use.
  8. Absolute Xtracts: Sleepytime Sublingual Drops: This Cannabis tincture is ideal for long-lasting health and wellness benefits. It is formulated with high THC and a blend of terpenes to provide restful sleep.
  9. Papa& Barkley 30:1 Releaf 30ml CBD Tincture: This brand produces high CBD tinctures, hybrid as well as blended THCA, CBDA and THC tinctures. Releaf tinctures offer a flexible and speedy way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. Their fast-acting concentrated tinctures provide relief from pain and inflammation within minutes of consumption. For a restful sleep and overall relaxation, these are among the Best Cannabis Tinctures California.
  10. CKSoul: 20:1 Boost High Potency CBD Tincture: CKSoul is a high-quality California brand containing a unique blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids. These tinctures are available in various potencies, providing astonishing benefits to calm the mind, body and soul.

Cannabis tinctures are a great alternative to many prescription drugs; however, they must be used in combination and consultation with a health practitioner. Health-conscious people are opting for cannabis tinctures for their convenience, safety and ease of use. Easy to carry for people on the go, CBD tinctures provide relief for athletes from pain and inflammation post-workout. The growing popularity of CBD tinctures is also due to their overall mind and body-calming effects for both humans and pets.

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