Plant Therapy CBD Reviews

Plant Therapy was founded in 2011 and recognized for producing high-quality essential oils. The company also offers a good variety of broad-spectrum CBD oils with undetectable amounts of THC. This reliable brand offers non-GMO, US-grown CBD oil, which is third-party tested for purity and potency.

Chris Jones, the CEO of Plant therapy, says that the company has been a leader in the health and wellness space, focusing on plant extracts for almost ten years. This expertise, along with rigorous quality standards and testing, ensures all CBD products are the finest in the industry.

About the Brand:

Talking about Plant therapy CBD reviews, the company offers four different collections, categorized on the purpose of utilization, CBD Rest Easy, CBD Everyday Wellness, CBD Intense Relief, and CBD Quiet Mind. Other CBD products include full-spectrum hemp extract soft gels, Revitalize Day Oil infused with CBD, CBD Stress Oil Drops, CBD Stress Body oil, and CBD Stress Roll-On.

All broad-spectrum CBD products from Plant Therapy contain less than 0.3%. THC, sourced from non-GMO organically grown US hemp, and completely safe to use. The best carrier oil for Plant Therapy CBD products is MCT coconut oil. This carrier oil is quickly and efficiently absorbed through the digestive tract.

Being a trustworthy CBD brand, Plant Therapy products are third-party lab tested and provide all the compounds, including CBDA, CBG, CBN, and CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids with trace amounts of THC.

The website provides continuous education through content, downloads, videos, and trained staff members; pricing is fair and affordable. Plant Therapy offers three potency options which include 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg. The company also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products. It also offers free shipping to all US customers, and products will be delivered within 2-5 business days.

The most significant disadvantages are not enough CBD oil options available, and also, customers are not happy with the efficacy of this oil brand. People say that many of them cannot feel the effects- stress reduction and helping with sleep and concentration.

Plant Therapy CBD Review:

All Plant Therapy CBD products contain little or no THC, which means they will not give you a high consumption.

CBD Everyday Wellness Collection: This collection includes:

  • CBD Everyday Wellness Deep Relief Balm 150mg CBD
  • CBD Oil Drops Mango 1000mg/ 2500mg

CBD+ iso Intense Relief Collection: This collection combines CBD with CBC (Cannabichromene) isolate to provide targeted benefits from sharp pains and discomfort. Both CBD and CBC support the ECS to promote relief from inflammation and aches.

  • CBD +iso Rapid Relief Balm (unscented) 150mg/75mg CBC, 1000mg CBD/ 250mg CBC
  • CBD +iso Nerve Body Oil 150mg CBD/ 50mg CBC:
  • CBD +iso Headache Roll-On 500mg CBD/ 100mg CBC
  • CBD +iso Muscle Roll-on 500mg CBD/ 100mg CBC
  • CBD +iso Joint Roll-On 500mg CBD/ 100mg CBC
  • CBD +iso Pain Oil Drops 500mg CBD/ 250mg CBC
  • CBD +iso Pain soft gels 25mg/5mg CBC

CBD+ iso Quiet Mind Collection: This collection combines broad-spectrum CBD with CBG (Cannabigerol) isolate. These all-natural phytocannabinoids are formulated to provide relief for life’s stressful moments. Along with CBD and CBG, essential oils are added to work synergistically to release stress and tension.

  • CBD +iso Stress Soft gels 25mg CBD/ 5mg CBG:
  • CBD+ iso Stress Oil drops 500mg CBD/ 250 mg CBG
  • CBD +iso Stress Roll-On: 500mg CBD/100mg CBG

CBD +iso Rest Easy Collection: This collection combines CBD with CBN (Cannabiol) isolate for overcoming sleep issues.

  • CBD+ iso Sleep Softgels 25mg CBD/5mg CBN
  • CBD+ iso Sleep Body Oil 150mg CBD/ 50mg CBN
  • CBD+ iso Sleep Oil Drops 500mg CBD/ 250mg CBN (unflavored)
  • CBD+ iso Sleep Roll-On 500mg CBD/ 100mg CBN

CBD Full Spectrum Collection: This collection offers products for overall well-being and health.

Plant Therapy CBD Supplements:

  1. Unflavored 500mg CO2 Hemp Extract CBD oil:
  2. Taste: A very mild, smooth-tasting oil with no bitterness and aftertaste.
  3. Potency: Middle-strength CBD oil that delivers 16.6 mg CBD per dropper. Other strengths available include 100mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg.
  4. Effect: A calming effect is felt and helps get through the day with peace and tranquility.  When this formulation is taken in the evening, it helps to sleep soundly.
  5. Also available in Pina Colada, lemon-lime, and Cinnamint flavors.

2.     Plant Therapy Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels: 500mg and 1500mg in 30 and 60 count.


Revitalize Day Oil infused with CBD: Hydrate and soften your skin with this CBD Day oil that contains moisturizing oils such as Camelia seed, Kalahari Melon, and Pomegranate oils with skin-loving essential oils. This oil improves overall skin tone, has age-defying properties that help reverse fine lines and wrinkles. Add Revitalize Night Oil to your daily skincare routine for maximum benefits.

Hemp extract Muscle Aid Pre-Diluted Roll-on 200mg/30ml (Broad Spectrum)

Hemp Extract Worry-Free Pre-diluted Roll-On 200mg/30ml (Broad Spectrum)

Pup & Pony Canine CBD Treats are available in 5mg and 10mg potency and peanut butter flavor for pets.

According to Plant Therapy CBD Review, this brand is quite reliable for its essential oils but not for its CBD products. However, if you intend to use CBD, always start with a lower dose and gradually increase. Also, always consult your doctor to avoid adverse effects, especially if you’re using prescription drugs.

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