How to Deal with High Blood Pressure and Maintain it

The most common health condition with which many people are suffering around the world is blood pressure. Many of the time, people are not even aware that they have blood pressure issues, this leads to major health issues. It is also known as ‘silent killer”. It causes the sudden deaths of many people. The high pressure of the blood flow causes the heart to work harder to distribute the blood around the body. This eventually hardens the arteries which can cause a stroke, kidney disease, or heart failure.

Other than the genetic factors, the major factor that causes blood pressure is hypertension. Doctors have reported that many millennials are now getting high blood pressure. In a research study, psychologists have found out that millennials are the most stressed generation and they are hypertensive most of the time. About 95% of cases of blood pressure in the USA have no underlying cause. This means they have this condition due to hypertension.

Hypertension in Millennials 

Today, millennials are suffering from hypertension due to multiple factors. It affects the male population more than women. Stress is one of the major causes. Work, family, financial issues, and relationships make the individual stressed and tense. This takes a toll on your heat and spikes up the cortisol. When the cortisol stays high for a long time, then the blood pressure remains high.

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Another reason is the lack of exercise and physical activity. The daily routine is so busy that people are unable to have time for exercise. To manage your blood pressure, physical activity is very essential. No exercise also increases your weight and this is also the main culprit behind high blood pressure. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced and nutritional diet.

Furthermore, the use of alcohol and drugs causes heart problems. Adults often indulge in the use of recreational drugs for fun but this affects their health gradually. Smoking and vaping also affect the body. Other than that, regular drinking of caffeine more than the recommended amount also spikes up the blood pressure. If you are a millennial or someone you know, it’s about time that you start checking and monitoring your blood pressure. This way you would be able to avoid any major health problems.

Millennials are preferring to use CBD

Many recent studies have shown Cannabidiol or CBD has proven to be useful in decreasing blood pressure. Due to this reason, Millennials are taking interest in the use of CBD. They want more natural options and alternatives to medicines. The properties of CBD reduces anxiety and stress and as a result, it helps to lower blood pressure. The research data with animals also showed that CBD reduces the inflammation and cell death of heart disease as it has efficient antioxidant properties. It can be concluded that CBD can help prevent heart damage.

CBD is a natural and therapeutic remedy that is being preferred by many individuals. It has long-lasting positive effects. It is a safe, powerful, and natural treatment method for blood pressure. Moreover, it is a non-psychotic and non-addictive drug. Many are choosing CBD instead of drug prescriptions.

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CBD has shown promising results and many individuals have benefited from it. Doctors also prescribe it for people with high blood pressure. 50% of Millennials have expressed their interest in using CBD oil. Nevertheless, if you also want to switch to CBD, consult a health expert before doing so. As of 2020, CBD has been declared effective and safe, however, many types of research are still going on to further get more strong evidence.

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