The Best CBD Skincare Products 2021 For Acne, Eczema

The world of cosmetology first experienced its transformation when contemporary herbal and natural skincare remedies shook hands with the advanced research methods and refined manufacturing industry. Skincare has always been around evolving with trends and needs of society from pollution-free to anti-aging and glowing.

Unlike many other trends, skincare trends have always evolved to keep cosmetic products as natural as possible with minimal side effects. Plant extracts and revitalizing reagents have been used interchangeably to maintain the skincare glam.

Once leaving its mark in the medical world, CBD made a glamorous entry into the beauty world and was readily normalized after its numerous advantages with minimal side effects many of which had already been verified as medicinal products.

CBD and Skincare

CBD as we are aware is an active component of the hemp plant which was infamously also the source of THC the psychoactive compound. CBD started off as an unofficial and rather controversial member of the pharmaceutical sector until, its efficacy and potential was verified by many real-life patients.

However, CBD soon made its way to the skincare industry mainly because:

  1. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD which it’s popularly known for is brought about by intermediation with the endocannabinoid system. Previously observed in patients with swollen joints and severe allergies, this quality of CBD seems ideal for under-eye bags, severe breakouts and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  2. The hydrating nature of CBD provides a natural treatment for dry and cracking skin while returning the elasticity and glow to the skin.
  3. CBD regulates sebum production which is the contributing factor to acne and pimples. A 2014 study shows CBD achieves this by its anti-inflammatory effect on sebocytes in our skin.

Best CBD Skincare Products

The welcome of CBD in the cosmetic industry has been rather swift and widespread. Within months CBD infused skincare products ranged from soaps, sprays, lotions, serum, masks, and moisturizer. There are a plethora of options to choose from giving your skin the gentleness and care it needs. The various products help address skin conditions efficiently. However, how does one choose a suitable skincare product?

  1. Read the label for all added ingredients so that you can decide what works best for you or may contain allergic ingredients because it’s highly unlikely to have any side effects from CBD.
  2. The concentration and CBD extract in the product should be sufficient for example topical balms usually have higher contents of CBD. Also, CBD-infused products are classified according to CBD isolate, CBD full spectrum and pure CBD.
  3. Be sure to check lab results and purity of CBD extract like content of pesticides and harmful substances that could hinder CBD action.
  4. Follow directions of use for best results. Consult expert to plan a proper CBD skincare routine for severe skin conditions.

Top Rated CBD Skincare Products 2021

Kana Lotus CBD Essence Toner

Kana Lotus CBD Essence Toner

Kana is a Korean brand and as we know K-beauty standards are sought for. The Kana essence toner is a gentle prep-up for your skin leaving it hydrated and glowed up. The largely natural ingredients and absence of any additional dyes and fragrances. The lotus adds a soothing effect and makes your skin prepared for your skincare routine.

Many consumers use it with the Kana Active Botanical essence for better results which evens skin tone and gives an overall younger look due to the presence of barley-derived epidermal growth factor (EGF).

Foria Wellness Bath Salts with CBD and Lavender

Foria Wellness Bath Salts

For beginners hesitant to exposing their skin directly to CBD can opt for a relaxing aromatherapy of CBD infused baths with Foria Wellness Bath salts. Not only does the CBD in a hot water bath relax your muscles and gently expose your skin to the new product but inhaling it has proven to relieve stress.

The lavender and Epsom salts work wonders for your skin rejuvenating you and cleansing your skin all over. Also, soaking in a CBD bath is inspired from an ancient practice of royals.

Vertly Lip Butter

Probably the most popular CBD product is a simple and classy lip balm. Vertly, also often called the “garden-to-bottle” company proves the extremely natural and fresh manufacturing of products. The lip balm has powerful herbs all packed with numerous advantages to amplify the efficacy of CBD>

Moreover, the subtle rosy tint and sheen with a pleasant fragrance and full-day hydration leaves the lips healthy and plump all day.

Cannuka’s CBD Calming Eye Balm

Incorporated with the skin’s best friend, Vitamin C brightens and lightens the delicate under eye skin while maintaining the plump healthy look. The Manuka honey and Vitamin C-rich grapefruit extract go naturally with CBD refreshing tired skin and evening skin tone.

Ildi Pekar’s Tissue Repair Serum

This serum is a complete package of all the skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract and vitamin C. this multi-faceted repair serum is the solution for aging skin all the while brightening dull skin, removing wrinkles, and lightening dark spots. It also works well for healing skin after a serious breakout thanks to its gentle and natural ingredients infused with CBD.

Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Lotion

The Lord Jones’ body lotion is what you’ve been looking for. Enriched with glycerin and shea butter it soothes your skin and repairs radical damage all over. The rather pleasant fragrance of green citrus and mint refresh your mind along with your skin. You can opt for a fragrance-free version as well for sensitive skin.

The CBD Skincare Co.’s CBD Infused Exfoliating Cleanser

Harnessing the potency of naturally occurring body chemicals like salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid, this exfoliating cleanser targets all the grime and impurities that your skin accumulates over the day. All the while jojoba beads scrape at the dead layers of cells revealing the inner brightness and smoother skin keeping the skin hydrated as always.

Beekman 1802 CBD Collection

A limited edition skincare range, Beekman went a little apart from the normal and added goat milk to add the extremely silky and smooth effect on the skin all the while brightening the skin to a lovely shade. The collection includes a facial cleansing bar, facial oil, body cream and a solid-to-oil massage stick.

All the products work collaboratively focusing on all the sore muscles and stressed skin. The subtle fragrance and minimum creaminess keeps the skin just the right amount of moisturized and hydrated.

Lily CBD

Lily CBD a limited edition product works great for sun-parched skin. The simple combination of aloe vera and CBD keep the product as organic and natural as possible. The perfectly moisturized and gentle after effect that it leaves on the skin smoothens skin and refreshes it.

Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum

The full-spectrum CBD packs all the benefits of the active components of the hemp plant. The additional anti-oxidants cleanse the skin from within rejuvenating the skin. The lightweight and fast absorbing nature make this product likeable and popular amongst the users.

Always survey the market and do your homework before purchasing any products. Even if it’s from your trusted manufacturer, comparing CBD products gives you an insight into what the market holds. After many reviews and market existence, a few CBD products have really stood out.

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